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The Smart Faith Conference features some of the brightest minds in Christian thinking

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Jacob Allee is the Pastor for Discipleship & Apologetics at Reformation Bible Church in Apache Junction, AZ. Jacob has a B.A. in Religion and Apologetics from Luther Rice University, and M.A. in Biblical Studies from Piedmont International University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Humanities from Faulkner University in The Great Books Honors College where he is writing his focusing his dissertation research on the life and works of C. S. Lewis.


Marty Clapp Headshot2MARTY CLAPP
Marty Clapp has an extensive speaking history in the valley. He enjoys teaching the youth and adults at his home congregation, Chandler Christian Church, and has spent over 15 years speaking at various high school clubs, colleges, Christian retreats, radio shows, and churches.  Recognizing that most Christians do not feel adequately prepared to respond to the tough questions and issues they face in today’s culture, Marty’s objective is two-fold: to train other Christians to share the Gospel more confidently and effectively. Secondly, to equip them with the tools they need to persuasively defend Christianity and Christian values in the public arena. You can learn more about his ministry and “Think Again” apparel at examined-life.org. A Chandler resident since 1962, when Marty isn’t at a speaking engagement, he has been enjoying his new role as a grandparent.

Robby Lashua 3ROBBY LASHUA
Robby Lashua is the Director of Student Ministries at Desert Springs Community Church in Goodyear, AZ. He has a passion for equipping students with good reasons to believe in classic Christianity. Robby believes that Christian Apologetics must make a resurgence in the modern day church and that the next generation of Christians will have to engage people in apologetics in order to evangelize effectively. In addition to working at DSCC, Robby is an adjunct professor at Arizona Christian University, a graduate of Phoenix Seminary, and also a graduate of the Christian Apologetics program at Biola University. Most importantly, Robby has a wonderful wife, Kelly, and two amazing kids, Greta and Cohen.


Brent Simpson was born in Salem, Oregon, where he grew up and attended Salem Academy High School. After high school, Brent traveled to Spain where he attended the oldest university in Spain – the University of Salamanca – where the received a language degree. He went on to study at Seattle Pacific University and Westmont College, respectively, where he studied philosophy and increased his passion for the pursuit of “truth” and ultimate issues. He also attended the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, where he pursued his passion for the drums. He has been invited to visit various universities including ASU, UofA, and San Diego State, to offer presentations on the need for sound reason and good science in forming one’s worldview. He currently lives in Tempe, AZ where enjoys adventures with his family, running his international wholesale business, and discussing the topic of reason vs. God with students at various forums.


James Umber_HeadShot2JAMES UMBER
James Umber has over 8 years of experience in leading comprehensive apologetics teaching in the valley through his “Examined Faith” training course.  He has also taught missionaries, youth, and adults and been a guest on the Backpack Radio Show.  With a depth of knowledge and a passion for apologetics, James does not just pass on information, but helps his audience examine the tough questions of life for themselves.  As a follower of Christ, formally trained in architecture, James provides a unique perspective in his presentations.  You can learn more about his ministry and “Think Again” apparel at examined-life.org. He attends Chandler Christian Church.  James, his wife Amanda, and their daughter Rachel, live in Phoenix, AZ.


Shawn White2SHAWN WHITE, President, Smart Faith
Shawn White has earned a BA in Religious Studies from Southern Evangelical Bible College in Charlotte, NC. He is currently enrolled in the MA program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University located in La Mirada, CA.  In 2012, Shawn founded Smart Faith in Phoenix, AZ, an apologetic ministry focused on “training believers to be confident, courageous, and culturally aware.” Each year Smart Faith puts on a major conference during which leading apologists from across the country come to Phoenix to present in the areas of science, history, philosophy, the arts, and how those relate to the Christian faith. Shawn is interested in defending the resurrection because on that topic all of Christianity rises or falls. He believes there is good historical evidence to support the resurrection, and that the best explanation of those facts is that God rose Jesus from the dead.  By day, Shawn is a computer software developer. He and his wife, Davina, also are active in serving with their home congregation at Canyon Church of Christ in North Phoenix.